Jason Blyskal


Location: ST15
Email: jason.blyskal@ncdcr.gov

Originally from Miami, FL, I moved to North Carolina in 2015 to pursue my artistic dreams in a greener environment. While I have explored many creative mediums throughout my life, my most recent obsession has been a relationship between light, glass, and functionality. These creations often take the form of stained glass suncatchers, wearable accessories, decorative mirrors, and light sculptures. Stylistically, my work falls into abstract and geometric categories but I constantly strive to discover more contemporary applications for my work. I pull a lot of inspiration from 80’s and 90’s surface patterns, as well as Craftsman and Mission style architectural designs. In my artistic quest, I aim to honor some of the world’s most natural and universal elements – light and color – and to provide others the opportunity to study how their lives might benefit by being immersed in different hues. I currently work at the North Carolina Museum of Art where I help art enthusiasts daily by providing information about the museum’s collection and networking with local artists to sell their work at the museum store. Come say hi next time you’re in the Golden Belt area!