Kerry Burch


Location: ST17

I have an alter ego.  By day, I am a science and technology professional, driving three kids around in a minivan.  But in the evening and on weekends, my yet-to-be named alter ego emerges, and I reclaim my soul as an artist that uses brushes, scrapers, and other tools to paint large, abstract canvases with bold colors.

I have been truly blessed to have jobs and opportunities to travel and experience amazing natural and man-made environments in some of the most beautiful countries and cities in the world.  These experiences manifest themselves in my art.  For example, the lines and shapes I observe in different landscapes often inspire my composition and mark making.  Additionally, my experiences have strongly influenced my love and appreciation of color.  I look for opportunities to experiment with color, using contrast and tone to guide the eye from one area of a painting to another.  My alter ego is daring, and it knows that happy accidents can happen when you are willing to roll the dice.

Come see me in Studio 17.  I will be the one wearing the funky glasses.