Linette Knight

Location: St. 16


Originally from Newburgh, NY, I moved to North Carolina with my parents in 1985 and it’s been my home ever since. I have always been attracted to fashion design and textiles, yarn being my favorite. I was introduced to a Polish crochet artist out of New York that was changing the way people looked at crochet. Crocheted Olek came to Raleigh for a public art installation and gave me the chance to learn and shine. She returned 4 years later and hired me to help create and teach workshops dedicated to creating billboard size murals in honor of Nina Simone and other influential women in history here in NC and across the United States. I knew I had found my passion when I was blessed with the opportunity to work alongside Angela Lombardi, in association, with the North Carolina Museum of Art to host twin artists Christine and Margaret Wertheim and the Institute for Figuring. The goal…To create an artistic response to global warming and oceanic pollution, through hyperbolic crochet. While heading up classroom instruction and acting as a guide throughout the Coral Reef project I was awarded Residency at Art Space Raleigh, where I have created a new way of expressing my crochet through canvas. Recently my passion has turned into a voice that speaks against stigmas that an old narrative of HIV creates. Working as a resident artist with Fast Track Cities Durham I’m helping to create a new narrative and clearer perspective that celebrates and respects people of all shapes, colors, and Cultures. As an artist I want to make sure that my work not only makes me money, but it leaves a footprint of community, activism, education, and an all-inclusive cultural experience. I have found that my passion, my healing, and my expression of self, lies within something bigger than I, but more with we or us. Textiles, fibers, colors, textures as diverse as people themselves.