Soonja Cook


Location: ST4

My paintings represent the calm and tranquility that I see in the world. I am an
impressionist/post-impressionist painter who works exclusively with oil paint. The oil
paint that I use perfectly captures the texture of natural elements.

I grew up in post-war Korea, where life was not glamorous or elaborate. I helped
my family by selling drawings to American soldiers. Through my struggles living under
difficult circumstances, I created my own visual world that still lives today in my
paintings. I sought refuge in the soft sky and wildflowers. I found peace and comfort in

My memories of scarcity and questions disappear into my painted world of certain
ecstatic blues and oranges that spit like fire.

I am a self-taught artist but have always used the lessons of life as guidance when
it comes to the brush. I enjoy taking local and statewide workshops to continue to grow
in my skill, in order to better capture the dynamism of the exterior world reflected in my
own heart. This world of lush meadows, deeply knotted woods, and eternally spiraling
waves is real to me. I’d love to share my world with you.