Grand Gallery


May 01 - 31 2024


10:00 am - 6:00 pm

C. Bay Milin – Hits & Near Misses

We hurtle ourselves confidently forward through the world in a state of steadfast determination, assured in our trajectory in all ways. Or do we take cautious calculated steps through uncharted emotional topography, trailblazing our way just beyond the known? Or rather, do we meander, rest and reflect, linger, languish, and give our innate sense of observation, exploration and understanding a chance to quietly expand?

I am looking back through past work in order to glean insight from my own images, hoping to strengthen, power, and sustain my practice in the present. Revisiting these moments of pure intention, happenstance, and curiosity in this way, shows me not only where and when I’ve been, but how we all may celebrate the lovely textured details, delicate and bold alike.

I invite you to sit with these selections out of my living archive, and see elements of a template for how to be a mindful and active participant in the world.

(This exhibition contains fifty-two images made within the past ten years.)

For more info: https://www.cbaymilin.com/projects/hitsandnearmisses

C. Bay Milin
IG – @heycbay

Golden Belt Artist Studios, Main Gallery
Durham, NC • May 1 – 30, 2024
Reception Event Friday May 17, 6PM – 9PM