Jul 21 2023 - Sep 07 2023

The Durham Art Guild presents: Divergent Traces

The Durham Art Guild presents: Divergent Traces featuring new works by DAG member Amy Wetsch. Amy’s work explores the interconnectivity, grandeur, and complexities of the physical world, particularly the things which we cannot see with our limited field of vision.

A major source of inspiration for Amy came from a recent artist residency in Iceland where she was captivated by the intense power of the Icelandic landscape and collaborated with a biologist who studies microorganisms that thrive in these extreme environments.

Amy is a multidisciplinary artist and educator originating from Louisville, Kentucky. Her practice spans from creating installations, paintings, drawings, mixed media sculptures, to publicly engaged works. Amy’s practice is rooted in collaboration, and she has worked with planetary scientists, biologists, ecologists, and aerospace physiologists, to better understand the groundbreaking research and technologies they employ to comprehend the world around us. Amy received her MFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art and has exhibited her work in various galleries and museums, including The Kentucky Museum, The National Academy of Sciences, and in galleries throughout NYC.